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Who is Don Hansen?

Entrepreneur.  Author.  Family Man.


Hansen Family

My Family

I believe that Family is the building block of a community.  It establishes a foundation of ethics, morals, fundamental skills, and values for adults and their children, and sets the example on how to live with the purpose of positively affecting society.


it does not take too long to recognize that my family is a little different from others. We celebrate our differences! Our differences are an awesome thing. When you think about it, every family has its differences. It is in those differences you need to search for beauty and significance. Differences should never be viewed as barriers or negative limitations.

The uniqueness of each family adds to the incredible beauty of society, and fulfillment to each of us. If others mention our family negatively, I pay no attention to them. God created our family to be a beacon for His purpose.


I encourage people you meet to love their families, and each member of their families, regardless of offenses committed. For the young person reading, growing up, you may believe that adult family members have their lives all in order. As you grow older, however, you will begin to realize that oftentimes, older adults struggle just as much as younger people, just in different ways. You will wonder why we, your parents, make certain decisions or take certain actions, but avoid judging us, and avoid judging other parents who act differently from your parents. Most of the time, most parents do the best they can with what they have. Remember that adults are human and therefore, not perfect.


You will meet adults – sadly, far too many – who are not committed to personal growth and spiritual development. Do not be surprised by this and remember, God is their judge, not you. You have family that loves and cares for you, and wants what is best for you in every situation.  Do not be jaded by actions that may not be loving.  Use it as motivation of what not to do, never allow it to be a crutch for making poor personal choices.  You are the one who is in control of the choices you make.  Choose wisely!


There will be times when your family may frustrate you and not quite understand what you are going through. At these times, remember that no one can read your mind; you will need to communicate with them. As you work to communicate your frustrations to others – and this can be difficult to do – not only will you help others understand what you are experiencing, it will help you better understand your experiences as well.


The Bible tells us to not let the sun go down on our anger. This means you should never go to bed angry with your family, or anyone for that matter. Instead, communicate with them, seek solutions, be a peacemaker, and you will sleep well.


Brook Hansen
Ari Hansen


Did you ever see the movie “Gladiator”?  For those of you who have seen this movie, there is a part in the movie where General Maximus has just lead prisoners and other gladiators in a successful fight in the coliseum.  The emperor has since gone out to meet this mighty warrior and asks for the mighty hero to reveal himself.  Reluctantly, General Maximus reveals who he is and says:  "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next."


Wow…what an awesome example of how well a person should know themselves!  What would you and I accomplish if we knew ourselves this well?  As I continue to learn more about myself and absolutely enjoy the journey God has given me, here is a little bit about myself:


I am absolutely blessed. I live with a woman that I am madly in love with.  I have a son who challenges me daily to be the man he deserves me to be and inspires my passion every day.  I am a Christian who is not ashamed of his faith.  However, I am not the legalistic Christian who focuses on rules and regulations.  I believe that the Christian faith was designed as the perfect example of awareness, enlightenment and empowerment…unfortunately, there are bad representatives in all aspects of life.


I live in Omaha, Nebraska.  For those of you who have never been here, I have to tell you, once you get here it is hard to leave (until it is below zero in January…touché).  It is a diamond in the not so rough.  Great history, great food, great people, great culture...the community has many things to offer and I love living here.  You haven’t had a steak until you have been to Omaha…yeah, that’s a challenge!


I love my parents and my in laws!  My parents raised me with a great respect for God and country.  My Dad proudly served our country in Vietnam.  He is now on disability from the effects of Agent Orange.  Every time I see a veteran or service man or woman, I am sure to thank them for their sacrifice.  I do not take my freedoms for granted and for their sacrifice, I am eternally grateful.


I love my friends!  People who put up with me…I know I am quirky.  I am pretty much 12 years old at heart.  I can be counted on for a good joke or somewhat innocent practical joke.  I can also be counted on to help a friend, regardless of what time it is.  I get my energy from being around lots of other people.  My wife doesn’t though…so, we find a balance ☺


I would describe myself as being equal parts rat pack, C.S. Lewis and Andy Andrews.  For those of you who may not know who Andy Andrews is…he is my favorite author of all time.  The Traveler’s Gift is one of the best books written.  I highly encourage you to read it.  I have reread it every year for the past six years.  I do like to talk so I am given to tangents…  I am a passionate Nebraska football fan and love college football!  In Nebraska, there are only two kinds of fans: passionate and obsessive…I fortunately found a little balance.


I enjoy giving back to the community.  I have served on the boards at several local organizations ad continue to give back.  My community is a beautiful place and if I can inspire more people to get involved, it can get even better!  I am involved in many aspects in my church…everything from teaching Sunday school for elementary age kiddos to serving as an usher.


I am an entrepreneur/business owner.  I co-own a few businesses with my wife and my brother from another mother, Duane Bartelt.  Duane is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I thank God every day for Duane’s leadership, mentorship and friendship.  We own The Ark Group, Message on the Go and Concierge Benefit Services. For more information on these companies, please scroll to the bottom of this page.  The people I work with are my home away from home and I love working with them.  They are just like family to me and I bust my backside every day to make sure the environment they work in is worth coming to and investing their lives in.


It is by the grace of God that I am who I am today and I give Him all credit for the abundance in my life.  Of course I have struggles, trials, challenges…but my attitude is such, that every challenge is an opportunity.  I am resilient, committed, passionate and intense about my Definiteness of Purpose.  I love my life and the people I am blessed to meet.  I hope that we can meet one day!  Until then, I encourage you to make a difference in someone’s life today…every day for that matter, and let me know the stories that happen from your kindness!


What it takes to be a Spiritual Leader.

My Businesses

The Ark Group

The Ark Group is an independent national insurance brokerage and planning company that serves insurance agents and financial advisors by helping them develop and implement financial, estate and business plans for their clients by finding the most appropriate insurance coverage for the situation based on a client’s specific, unique needs.  The Ark Group currently does business in 48 states and celebrated 11 years of being in business!  Not bad considering we started out of the second bedroom of my home and haven’t spent a dime on advertising.

Message on the Go

Message on the Go was developed as an effective, efficient way to properly utilize conversations AS documentation. The more litigious our society gets, the more imperative it becomes to accurately document communications and transactions, in addition to having signatures. The service provides a low-cost tool designed to help people document their conversations and meetings.  This is the tool of choice for professionals looking to implement practical, yet innovative solutions to their productivity and ever increasing chances of litigation.

Concierge Benefit Services

Concierge Benefit Services provides consumers with access to the most innovative and cost effective healthcare, legal, and tax services available…anywhere in the United States!  Our services are a significant part of the solution to healthcare in the US.  Our services are used by everyone from the largest associations, affinity groups, faith based organizations/ denominations and employer groups to individuals who feel like they are on an island when it comes to getting help.

Entrepreneurial spirit.

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